The Reno Irish Dance Company is a diverse Performing Arts Company that strives to preserve the Irish and Celtic Heritage and Traditions through Music and Dance.
Our young dancers and
vocalists, work hard to share these traditions with the local community of all ages, and in the process, acquire confidence, self-esteem, while learning responsibility and dedication.
The Company is also a unique and exciting Performing Company and Entertainment entity, which assists other Local Regional Non Profit companies in their fundraising efforts.

The Reno Irish Dance Company has been a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation since 2000 and is currently re-organizing it's corporate structure as "Shamrock Productions"

The Reno Irish Dance Company

4786 Caughlin Pkwy, Ste 301
Reno NV 89519


'SIAMSA - A Celtic Christmas'

"A heartwarming tale and charming celebration of  Celtic traditions, superstitions, customs as well as amusing antics guaranteed to entertain the entire family."

"An enchanting  holiday celebration for the entire

 family, featuring beautiful dance, music and a little

 girl in search of the “Candle in the Window” – the

 light that represents the true meaning of Christmas"

"SIAMSA - A Celtic Christmas" was written by Amanda Coulson, who serves as director and choreographer. 
Amanda is the Artistic Director of the Reno Irish DanceCo. and founder of Dancin! Performing Arts Center in Ren


    SIAMSA (pronounced Shimsa), means "To Celebrate"                                                 (Gaelic).